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Custom Study Abroad Program Development
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Getting Started

CEA CAPA makes it easy for institutions to create and facilitate custom and faculty-led programs while expanding study abroad offerings. We understand how much planning, energy, and effort go into creating a successful study abroad program - and we handle the details, so you don't have to.

On this page, we'll walk through the program lifecycle step by step, including CEA CAPA's approach to program development, pre-departure, arrival onsite, and post-program support. Get started today by contacting your institution's CEA CAPA Regional Director to discuss your program ideas. If you're a faculty or program leader, please ensure you work with your department and/or Study Abroad Office to obtain any needed program approvals from your institution.

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Program Development

Choose your program's academic structure

CEA CAPA's approach to custom programs allows institutions and students to choose the program that best suits their needs. Our academic program models provide adaptable and versatile programming opportunities across all our study abroad locations.

  • Faculty-Taught: Faculty member(s) leads a group abroad and teaches a specific course(s).
  • CEA CAPA-Taught: Students enroll in CEA CAPA- and/or partner institution-taught courses as part of a specifically designed program.
  • Shared Academics: Faculty member(s) leads a group, teaches a specific course, and students also enroll in CEA CAPA- and/or partner institution-taught courses.
Determine Program Duration and Term
  • Program length options include J-Term, summer, Maymester, intersession, quarter, trimester, block, semester, or academic year; programs are typically a minimum of three weeks.
Select Your Program’s Location

CEA CAPA supports programs in the locations seen below. In each of these cities, CEA CAPA has established programming, infrastructure, and staffing. This allows us to provide robust academic, logistical, and health/safety support for which we’re known.


Czech Republic
• Prague

• Aix-en-Provence
• French Riviera: Antibes
• French Alps: Grenoble
• Paris

• Budapest

• Dublin
• Galway

• Florence
• Rome

• Amsterdam

• Alicante
• Barcelona
• Granada
• Madrid
• Seville

Latin America

• Buenos Aires

Costa Rica
• San José

Choose Academic Enhancements

Our active learning focus allows students to gain a deeper understanding of the curriculum. Both in and out of the classroom, academic enhancements encourage students to connect their first-hand observations to the subjects they study. You may choose to complement your program’s academics with:

Guest Lectures

Guest Lectures

Business and Site Visits

Business and Site Visits

Service Learning

Community-Based Global Learning*



Volunteer Opportunities

Volunteer Opportunities*

*Availability varies based on location and program duration

Explore Housing Options

We choose housing that provides an optimal experience for students. Housing varies by location and duration of the program, but may include:

Shared Apartments

Shared Apartments

Residence Halls

Residence Halls

Homestays With Local Families

Homestays With Local Families

Hotels or Hostels

Hotels or Hostels

Explore Beyond the Classroom

Our knowledgeable onsite staff and extensive local networks allow students to explore notable sites with historic, cultural, and scenic value and relate these experiences to their studies. The program may designate specific activities or rely on CEA CAPA’s expertise to design co-curriculars that complement program objectives, such as:

Day Trips or Overnight Excursions

Day Trips or Overnight Excursions

Cultural Engagement

Cultural Engagement

Social Activities

Social Activities

Request a Proposal

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We'll Help You Recruit and Prepare Students By:

  • Providing recruitment tools and resources.
  • Offering student support services such as pre-departure forms, visa advising, and addressing student/family questions.
  • Arranging a video call with the program leader and CEA CAPA onsite staff to plan a daily program schedule of activities.
  • Assisting with the design and facilitation of a comprehensive pre-departure orientation.
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Arrival Onsite

Once Students and Faculty Arrive OnSite, We Will:

  • Provide airport transfer, an arrival orientation focusing on health and safety during the program, and a tour of the city.
  • Keep onsite staff available during every aspect and stage of the program.
  • Offer 24/7 emergency support and handle student issues as needed.
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Post-Program Support

After the Program Ends, We Will:

  1. Provide transcripts or grade reports as needed.
  2. Send program evaluations.
  3. Meet with you to debrief and begin planning any future programs.

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