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Program Models

At CEA CAPA, we’re committed to providing programs that align with your academic, professional, and personal goals. That’s why we design our programs with you in mind!

Diverse, academically rigorous, discipline-based, focused on active learning… our programs help you cultivate global competence, gain critical thinking skills, communicate cross-culturally, and immerse into local culture–all while earning credits toward graduation.

Standard Programs

Offered across all our locations, our standard programs allow you to choose courses within your discipline or subject of interest. Depending on the program you choose, you’ll take courses at a CEA CAPA Study Center, a local partner university, or possibly a hybrid of both. Our standard programs offer courses taught in English or the host language, providing you options based on your specific level of language ability.

Hybrid Programs

Our hybrid programs offer the best of both worlds! You’ll experience both the active-learning environment that characterizes our CEA CAPA Study Centers, and the opportunity to take courses with other international and local students at our local partner institutions. Together, the hybrid option provides a truly integrated experience.

Multi-Site Programs

Can’t pick just one location? Learn in multiple cities through a multi-site program. Whether it’s a travelling January Term seminar that gives you the opportunity to spend two to three weeks gaining in-depth, hands-on perspective, or multiple locations paired together over the summer, multi-site programs create an unforgettable learning environment.

FYE Abroad

First-Year Experience Abroad is a valuable high impact practice that sets U.S. institutions apart and supports student development and academic success. Developed based on best practices in higher education, CEA CAPA’s program incorporates many features of first-year experience programming commonly found on many U.S. campuses, including a strong student support system and facilitated reflective pedagogy and mentorship. By partnering with CEA CAPA, U.S. institutions will have access to CEA CAPA’s cohort model in which institutions share resources with other first-year programs while ensuring their own signature brand is infused throughout the student experience. Learn more here.


CEA CAPA’s international internship programs provide you with unique, hands-on experience that allows you to gain marketable skills while you’re studying abroad. Our extensive network of business, non-profit, and non-governmental organization contacts around the world mean internship placements tailored to your professional and academic goals. Boost your résumé while gaining the experience and skills that set you apart from the competition!

CEA CAPA aligns your placement to your professional, academic, and personal goals. Most internships are part-time (so you’ll take other classes abroad, too) and many don’t require foreign language ability.

With few exceptions, CEA CAPA internships allow you to earn credit while offering a concurrent cross-cultural leadership seminar. Through dedicated assessment and reflection, you’ll maximize your experience by learning to clearly articulate skills and knowledge gained, an ability that’s essential when applying for jobs or speaking about your international experience to a potential employer.

We want your internship placement to provide a meaningful and intentional experience. That’s why the application process involves a thoughtful pre-planning component, including a Skype or in-person interview to ensure a good match. Sound good?

Search for internships in our locations around the world!

Service Learning

Our service learning programs provide you with the framework to make connections between your host community experiences and your academic pursuits while giving back to your host community.

Expand your worldview and cultivate your global competency as you engage in and grapple with issues facing your host community. Through guided placements, you’ll gain intangible research skills and experience that will benefit future academic endeavors such as your senior thesis, capstone projects, and even career planning. You’ll learn how community comes together to address societal issues and gain socio-cultural skills that will set you apart.

Many service learning placements don’t require foreign language skills; those that do will help you hone your proficiency in the host language. Along with your part-time placement, you’ll take academic courses that place your real-life experience into context. Service learning goes beyond traditional volunteering, integrating theoretic and practical components such as:

  • Interaction with local and disadvantaged communities
  • Service to public, non-profit, or non-governmental organizations
  • First-hand assessment of community needs, challenges, expectations, and strengths
  • Providing concrete service that may range from hands-on tasks to strategic advice

In the past, CEA CAPA students have completed service learning placements with municipal governments, community development associations, environmental groups, neighborhood committees, community action groups, schools, and more.


CEA CAPA's Global Career Development Certificate (GCDC) allows you to expand your pre-professional experience by connecting with a mentor in your career field of interest. Participating in this mentorship program enhances your résumé by providing practical experience and building skills that employers value.

The GCDC incorporates a 1-credit seminar, designed to guide your exploration and enhance your global competency. In the mentorship component of the program, you're matched with a local professional who works in an industry aligned with your major, such as:

  • Non-profit
  • Photojournalism
  • Government
  • School psychology
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Acting/production
  • Business
  • Marketing
  • Fashion design

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